Recruit Students

Q: What’s the background of SCCSH? Do other cities have Sino-Canadian schools?

A: SCCSHwas established by the Hefei High-tech Zone Management Committee and the Ministry of Education of New Brunswick, Canada,Hefei Hi-Tech District invested in the construction and operation of Canadian AKD Group (headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a good background of cooperation between Chinese and Canadian governments.Canadian AKD Group established its first Canadian school in Beijing in 1997. It has a history of 20 years. Shenzhen Nanshan Sino-Canadian School has been established for more than 16 years. In addition, there are Sino-Canadian schools in Qingdao, Changsha, Guiyang, Harbin, Xuzhou, Kunming, Wuhu, Qinhuangdao, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Beidaihe, Xuzhou, Fuzhou, Shangyu and other cities.

At the same time, Canadian AKDGroup has four international schools (also known as Foreign Children's School) that teach only English in China. They are Beijing Canadian International School, Shenzhen Nanshan International School, Hefei Canadian International School and Shenyang Canadian International School.

Q:What is the difference between CISHand SCCSH?


Mainly for the inland students enrollment, no restrictions on nationality and unlimited household registration, the use of bilingual teaching mode in Chinese and English, teachers are qualified Chinese and foreign teachers, different grades open different kinds of courses, implement quality education.


There are kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools for foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is the first international school in Anhui Province. It takes IB (International Baccalaureate) education as its core concept, combines with the world's leading Canadian curriculum system, and is fully implemented by foreign teachers in daily education and teaching activities.

CISHopened for the first time on September 1, 2014, and became the first international school in Anhui Province to be officially certified by IB PYP and MYP in early 2017. It is taught in English (by foreign teachers with teacher qualification certificates and foreign expert certificates appointed by the Canadian Ministry of Education). Every day, a Chinese class is offered as a second foreign language. DP official certification authorization is currently in the audit stage due to the relatively late application time.

Both schools are located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Innovation Avenue and Fuxing Road, with the gate facing the north. The school has 120 modern classrooms equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards. All kinds of laboratories, professional outdoor stadiums, indoor gymnasiums, music classrooms, dance classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, gymnasiums, theatres, indoor swimming pools, 3D golf courses, restaurants, libraries, medical rooms and other facilities are available.

With the fundamental aim of cultivating all-round development of high-quality international talents, the two schools strive to create a learning atmosphere with teaching and pleasure, and strive to shape students into comprehensive international citizens with innovative spirit, critical thinking, good team spirit, serving the society, and graduates to global universities.

Q: What are the core strengths of Sino-Canadian schools?

A: Do not take exam-oriented education, Educational concepts and teaching methods with advanced science, first-class educational equipment (SMART intelligent whiteboard, professional computer room, library, constant temperature swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, 400-meter standard outdoor football stadium, 3D golf course, dance room, gymnasium, water table, 1000 people auditorium, 400 people auditorium, physics and chemistry laboratory, special classroom for sound and sports beauty) Pure English teaching courses, small class education, personalized teaching elite training mode, pay attention to every student, Chinese and Western merger, dedication and cultivation of caring for others, caring for society, innovative ability, risk awareness, strong team spirit and high-quality all-round development of internationalized talents for 20 years, with mature group management mode and development. Discipline integration teaching mode. All kinds of equipment, teaching conditions and management of the school have reached the high quality standards of the Chinese government and the Canadian government, and the campus safety is extremely high.

Q: What are the optional courses (extracurricular activities) in the school? Do Icharge for it?

A: We have paid elective courses and free elective courses, including music, sports, art, theatre performance and other elective courses.

Kindergarten: Creative art, Taekwondo, ballet, Go, hosts (allcharges);

Primary school: broadcasting and hosting, pottery, zither, Chinese painting, paper-cut, gourd silk, tea making, ball games, English, mathematics and so on.

Junior and Senior High School: Speech and eloquence, IELTS, learning and appreciation of English songs, funny biology, dance, balls, pop bands, various musical instruments, oil painting, hand painting, historical drama lessons, tourism geography, film and television appreciation, mathematical competition, physical competition, chemical competition, business management, bilingual economics, interesting psychology, etc.

Q: What are the qualifications of school teachers?

A: All Canadian teachers in the school are appointed by the Ministry of Education of Newbin, Canada. All teachers have bachelor's degree or above, hold the corresponding teacher qualification certificate, and have more than three years'working experience. All Chinese teachers are recruited from all over the country. They also have at least bachelor's degree or above. They hold the corresponding teacher qualification certificate. The old, middle-aged and young teams are composed together. The average age is 35 years. The head teacher must have more than three years'management experience. Many teachers have traveling experience abroad. All teachers have been training continuously since they entered the school.

Q: Do all the students need to live in school?

A: All grades of CISHdon’t live in school(Special application under special circumstances), kindergartens of SCCSHare not allowed to livein school, primary school students can choose to live in school or not, junior and senior high school students must livein school(Special application under special circumstances, Evening self study generally requires class attendance).

Q:What are the dormitory conditions? What are the things that need to be prepared for the dormitory? What are the living arrangements of the dormitory students?

A: The dormitory is equipped with four-person room, central air-conditioning, independent bathroom (bathroom), 24-hour hot water, double hand-washing pool. Residents need to prepare personal necessities such as washbasin, thermos bottle, soap,, shampoo, laundry powder, towel, bath towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, pajamas, changing laundry and so on. Schools provide sheets, bedclothes, quilts and pillows for themselves. Each floor of the dormitory has a laundry room and a boiled water room. Students'clothes can be washed by hand or by machine for free. The life teacher will help the students to learn and familiarize themselves with the students who have just started to live in school. Dormitory hygiene is cleaned on duty in turn and evaluated weekly. Junior pupils'teachers will help their pupils to do supplementary cleaning, and help them in their daily life according to their needs.

Q:Can studenttake the college entrance examination after graduation from high school? Can students only go to Canada?

A: Students with high school status in China can take the National College Entrance Examination, but this is not the main direction of graduation. The main export direction of graduates from China and Canada is abroad, not only Canada, but also the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Korea and other countries.