The Kindergarten Program at Sino-Canada Concord school of Hefei High Tech Zone was developed on the advanced concepts of preschool education domestic and western. The program’s focus is on the cognitive, emotional, and social development of the child. It implements all aspects of enlightenment which include bi-lingual skills, creating health and happiness, building curiosity, appreciating nature, protecting the environment, and developing courage. At SCCS we are committed tocreating a new generation who are confident in themselves but also have a sense of responsibility and respectfortheir family, culture, and their world.


◎Children's enlightenment education should develop at an appropriate age and be creative;

◎Children's enlightenment education should respect traditional culture and be diverse;

◎Children's enlightenment education should be innocent and social.

◎Provide an early childhood education program which creates a peaceful and comfortable environment for children.

◎Drawing on the Montessoritheoried on the development of a child’s brains.

◎Cultivate healthy body and perfect personality to promote the overall development of children.

我们的课程特色Our Course Features

◎Bilingual courses: Continuous development and improvement of children's mother tongue learning, while also providing children withEnglishlearning environment.

◎Well-designed three-in-one combination course: Chinese Picture Book Theme Course, Canadian Course, Montessori Education Course.

◎Special Courses in the Kindergarten: There are professional teachers in music, art, sports, swimming, and pottery classes to enhance the children's multifaceted ability.


Primary School (G1-G6)

The Primary School of Sino-Canada School of Hefei High-tech Zonemergesthe traditional andmodernphilosophers with the essence of the world’s advanced educational models to shape and solidify ourstudent's knowledge base,which includes students’interests and hobbies,developingstudents' English language skills, andfosteringa new pattern of integrated Chinese and Western education and thinking.


Our philosophy


lTeaching is the primary theme


lBegins with love andattention

lFocus on dynamic and refined goals


Our Objective

lCultivate students' sense of social responsibility

lAdvance Chinese and English bilingual communication skills

lDevelop well-rounded and balanced lives

lFocus on personality and social skill development



lCarrying forward the traditional Chinese culture through Chinese classics: Providing a national curriculum and connecting with the classic Chinese culture.

lInternationally modeled small class sizes: The ratio of students to teacher promotes individual attention and fosters a productive learning environment. Class size does not exceed 25.

lBright and lively classroom: student-centered, interactive teaching to promote inquiry.

lEnglish-Teaching Curriculum: English Language Learning、STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)、Blended Art, Music and PE Curriculums

Middle & High School (G7-G12)


In order to achieve our mission statement and to prepare our graduates for their future, we have planned a strong and comprehensive curriculum grounded on academic achievement as well as on the skills needed for the 21st century. Our aim is to develop knowledge and more importantly, skills in our youngsters that will allow them to be competitive in the globalized world we live.



Our curriculum is a scaffold that builds on knowledge and skills. From middle school, we pay attention to cultivating students' scientific literacy. Besides offering bilingual science courses, STEM courses will also be offered in Middle School by foreign teachers. This method will break the traditional teaching methodsof separating scientific knowledge into several subjects by emphasizing the ideas and methodsof exploring and solving problems facing specific problems in real life.

Beginning in grade 7, students will take Spring Board Math and English courses which prepares them for the bilingual math, physics, chemistry, and biology courses they will be taught in their higher classes. Laying a good foundation for our students assures they have the skills necessary to succeed in their AP courses in high school.


English is one of our main focuses. Our aim is for our students to have a better understanding about international culturesand to develop their ability to communicate effectively in the English language. We understand this is the key to be successful in any standardized test required to be accepted into the universities. Our English program is very strong because the courses are taught by International teachers and Chinese English teachers. In order to combine the advantages and resources of Chinese and International teachers, we have included co-teaching into our English classes, prepared and taught by Chinese and foreign teachers together.


Our program focuses on developing the whole individual. To create different opportunities in areas of interests we offer a wide range of elective courses and club activities. Academic courses focus on core subjects, including natural science, IT programming and other fields. Arts electives include Music, Art, and Theater which cultivates our students' creative understanding of the world and problem-solving abilities. Sports electives focus on a variety of team sports where they can compete with other teams developing students' social skills and teamwork spirit.

In addition to providing complete academic courses, we alsounderstand the importance ofemphasizingthe moral development of our students. SCCS offersvarious moral education courses.