Our school offers some quality courses from Canada. The Canadian courses are taught by foreign teachers. The main Canadian courses include: English, Sociology, Information Technology, English Writing, English Reading, Environmental Science, Career Guidance, Music, Sports, Fine Arts, etc. , according to different sections to open different courses.

      The high school students of the China-Canada School have a Student status from both China and Canada, and have introduced the Canadian credit system management. The Canadian curriculum is taught by a teacher who holds a teacher certificate. The school adopts a scientific management and credit system teaching method, and adopts a comprehensive method of M.E.T.A. (Media Knowledge + Education Discipline + Technology Technology + Art Quality) suitable for 21st century talents. After passing the graduation examination, you can obtain the diploma issued by the two countries at the same time. Students who have obtained a double diploma can apply for admission to the university in China, as well as qualifications for university studies in North American and English-speaking countries. This provides a diversified and multi-directional choice for them to continue their studies at home and abroad, to serve the society and lifelong education.